Detachment Means Controlling Your Mind

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Self Discovery means you will always have to be questioning your priorities, readjusting them, and then letting go of what you don’t want, even if it’s comfortable and familiar. This will affect your relationships and your environment as well. For example, if you find you’re holding onto a house or some other piece of personal property that keeps you from taking an action you truly desire, you may have to intelligently and consciously let it go.

Detachment Means Controlling Your Mind

Letting go of attitudes is just as important as letting go of physical things. In fact, unless you let go of certain attitudes, your physical letting go won’t last very long.

Sometimes it seems easier to use your will power to change physical habits than to change mental habits. You can control your body with your own will power to make your body carry out your wishes, but your mind seems to act all by itself: thoughts and pictures seem to come and go without your invitation or consent. You have to learn to treat your thoughts and mental images as though they are subject to your control.

Whatever you hold in your mind in the present moment tends to be created in your life. Are you holding onto yesterday’s grief, anger, and resentment or fear and depression about tomorrow? Only by strictly observing the content of your mind can you control the thoughts which will take form as your reality.

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