Detachment Means Letting Go

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Detachment Means Letting Go

When we talk about the ability to let go, we can view it on two levels: physical and mental. Both are related, of course, because your physical life is a picture of your mental life. Detachment means letting go of both outer material things and inner attitudes. First, let’s consider what detachment means in your outer physical life.

Remember that your thoughts and emotions help create the environment you live in. When you allow new ideas – or new concepts or new expectations – to live in your mind and feelings, this tends to create new situations in your environment. Once you tune into your own Silent Master, you will more often feel desires and inclinations that reflect your true purpose. These desires and inclinations may be totally different from everything you’ve experienced before, and may take form as big changes in your life. This is because your goals necessarily change, your priorities change, and you take very different actions than before. Every time you conquer a fear or overcome a weakness you become a different person – a more true and powerful person.

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