Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


Loyalty is the self discipline that allows you to always remain committed to yourself and your goals. I emphasize the inner power step of Loyalty during the rebirth phase of Self Discovery, because all kinds of distractions may tempt you away from your goals; only if you love yourself enough to remain totally disciplined and loyal to yourself can you win your victory.

Self discipline is like a sharp sword that cuts away the attachments which keep you from being loyal to yourself. When you are disloyal, don’t you respond to something that has a hold on you? You could never be disloyal – to you or anyone or anything – unless there was something that was attached to you that you let have power.

You must be able to clearly identify those things that tempt you or that have power over you. Olympic athletes in training become aware of what interferes with their workouts and avoid these distractions. A person indulging in destructive jealous behavior, for example, must identify and understand the reasons for the jealousy in order to correct the condition. So awareness is a very important partner to self discipline.

Self discipline is the way you detach from the things that exercise power over you. You must be the center of power, not things in your relationships or your environment. As you develop self discipline, you will need to develop the quality of detachment (see Chapter Four).

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