Love will be there for you no matter what

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Imagine a bird committed to flying toward an important destination in some rough, but manageable, weather. He is flying to a reunion with his long lost true love, so it’s pretty important that he gets there. The bird may be thinking, as we do in similar situations, “Well, this weather isn’t so bad. It’s not the best, but I can handle it….” Suddenly, the winds turn fierce and tosses the bird all around. The wind now seems to be in control. The bird is pushed and pulled and thrown in every direction. He thinks: “I’m doomed. I can’t win against this. I’ll never get there. Why did this happen? Why me?” We have this typical reaction to obstacles in life all too often.

At this point the bird can believe his own words, accept the limitation, and drop to the ground.

But let’s say this is a trusting, self disciplined bird. He quickly catches himself in this limited thinking, and focuses instead only on the goal – his destination. He refuses to be distracted from his goal by mere obstacles and delays, and refuses to engage in blame, criticism, self pity, anger, or any kind of vengeful, retaliatory thoughts. All he says is, “My wings are still working, so I will keep flying no matter what.” Then, these fierce winds blow even harder, so hard that the bird is thrown up and up over the clouds where he finds the calm still air above the storm. Suddenly he can fly better than before, without obstruction. The wind that was his obstacle becomes the very thing that lifts him higher, to where he is free and unhindered in his goal.

This story shows what I mean by trusting in the power of Love. When you trust in it, Love will be there for you no matter what forms appear or disappear on the face of Love. Whatever storms and obstacles you encounter as you fly towards your goals, Love is available to you.

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