Love is a pretty thorough housecleaner

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Sometimes new students will say, “I don’t have any problems…I don’t feel insecure or weak…I’m just here to get some exercise…” Then after a little bit of training I hear, “I didn’t realize I was afraid of this…” Or, “I didn’t know I had all this anger inside….”

Love is a pretty thorough housecleaner and sometimes expresses itself through what seem to be unloving situations. After you make a conscious effort to transform and grow, Love will wash out some qualities you may not enjoy seeing up close. You may find your generosity is really a desire to win favor; or you may find your unselfishness is really weakness. You may find your patience is really laziness.

Like the stalk of rice bending over because of fullness from the lessons of life, it will require some humility to be willing to see these things in yourself, and some strength and commitment to make a change. So you must love yourself enough to know that Love is always there for you, and stay true to yourself until Love – your Silent Master – shows you the good by clearing away the falsehoods. Be able to bend like the rice when you confront undesirable qualities in yourself. It’s because the rice is flexible that it doesn’t break when the wind blows.

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