Because this Love is real and true, it is powerful

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Because this Love is real and true, it is powerful.  It can overcome anything untrue simply by being there, just as the sunlight burns clouds away. As an example, one of my students once had to visit a hostile enemy, someone who had tried to take violent action against him.  My student was naturally scared of the meeting, and talked to me about it.  I told him: No matter what this person says or does, don’t get angry, don’t react; just love him.  Just feel love and know that this person is acting out of ignorance and is not being his true self.  Just love, no matter what.  My student went to the meeting, and sure enough, this person yelled and screamed, beat on the desk, beat on the wall, threatened, intimidated, but my student remained calm and loving.  Pretty soon, his enemy just gave up.  Where there is love, there is no opening for anything else to get in.

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