Love is at the heart of freedom

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

At this stage of the Self Discovery process – rebirth – I emphasize the inner power step of Love. As we discussed in the last chapter, Love is at the heart of freedom, the ultimate goal we’re working for. I also emphasize the inner power steps of Loyalty and Patience, because as old Self-Concepts give way to the new, different obstacles will undoubtedly arise to challenge you. New distractions may appear to take you away from your goals, and you will need to remain loyal to yourself and your commitment. And only with the right sense of patience will you be able to stick to your goals long enough to see them bear fruit.

First, let’s look at how Love is involved in your many rebirths throughout life, and then we’ll consider how Loyalty and Patience are so important in true Self Discovery.


Your Silent Master within is the same Life Force that created the universe. And this Life Force is pure Love. Everything It creates expresses Love. Although we may always remain humbled by the vastness of this infinite Life Force, we should always remember we are at one with it. The universal Life Force brought the universe and all of us into being with Love. And it is the power of Love that moves us from one rebirth to another in life as we transform by discovering more of our true Silent Master within.

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