Cultivation of Rice = Life’s Transformations

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

In Asia, the cultivation of rice is often seen as a symbol of man’s life, going through many transformations. First, there is the tiny tip that shoots up, like infants opening our eyes for the first time. Next we see the tip grow tall enough to wave in the breeze, delicate, but strongly reaching upward, like the way we hungrily and innocently explore our new world when we’re young. Then we see the rice start to develop its mature form, drinking in water and sun, which is the way we begin to grow as we assume our identity, and our mind opens and develops. Finally, the rice ripens and stands up straight, full and rich. This is how we desire to be at the peak of our life, self confident, and in control of body, mind, and spirit. Then at last, the rice stalk bends low due to the weight of its fruit. This is a symbol of humility, a respectful bow to the Life Force that brings us here. We realize the universe is more vast and eternal than our simple physical life span here. And if we have really been at work on the lessons of life, we humbly realize how much we have to learn. There’s never any place for arrogance: there is always so much more to discover.

Like the rice, you have moved through many stages to come to this point in your life. And you will have many more rebirths as you change your thinking and see new situations spring up in your life.

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