Rebirth Is Transformation

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Let’s take a closer look at what discovery means. Discover means to uncover. When something is discovered, it is uncovered so that you can see what’s really there. When Columbus discovered America, he found something that was already there. He did not invent America; he uncovered the ignorance about the shape of the globe, and found North America, which nobody had imagined. It’s the same when you seek your Silent Master. Self Discovery does not mean inventing new things about you or making up a new personality, but uncovering what you already are in your natural purity.

Rebirth Is Transformation

Since your true self is generally not uncovered all at once, Self Discovery is a process of being born over and over again as more of your potential is outwardly expressed in your life. If you’ve ever watched a plant grow from a seedling to a flower, you’ve seen how its growth takes place in many stages its size, color, and form change from day to day. The growth is so gradual that you probably don’t consider this transformation as one birth after another. But it is. The plant is being reborn constantly in one little change after another, until it fulfills its potential, and finally takes on a form completely different from the little sprout at the beginning.

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