A story about a King and Cabbage, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

(continued from yesterday…)

The farmer lifted the lid to expose one thick slice of steamed cabbage, steamed perfectly. It was the most simple of dishes, but at this moment, that cabbage was as precious as the world to the king.

As the king bit into this pure, plain, and simple cabbage, nothing in his life had ever tasted so good. His senses came alive, as he felt once again the intense pleasure of taste, and smell, and texture. The king was so overjoyed he made the poor farmer a rich man.

This king had dulled his senses through over indulgence. Even though he had the best foods, eating had turned into something he did routinely day after day, something he just took for granted, instead of experiencing the quality and care of what was prepared for him. As a result, he had no appreciation for this aspect of his life, no gratitude, no pleasure. Even the tangiest, spiciest food could not stimulate him anymore everything tasted flat, uninteresting, and unexciting.

Only when he was deprived of the object of his over indulgence his food was he able to sharpen his senses again and remember the uniqueness of tasting and appreciating something simple. The cabbage by itself was not exciting. The cabbage alone could not restore the king’s senses. Instead, it was his anticipation of the unknown “incredible dish” that excited him, and it was the feeling of appreciation from lack of any food that stimulated him. Through fasting, the king corrected the stagnation caused by overindulgence, and he was then able to feel gratitude and appreciation once more. Experiencing these feelings again, the king was overjoyed and restored to his normal self. Gratitude is not only a creative attitude, but also brings joy, excitement, and energy into your life.

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