Goals and aspirations are fed by positive attitudes

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

By contrast, when seeds fall on good ground, when your goals and aspirations are fed by positive attitudes, by your focus, your will, your energy and your commitment, they are bound to grow and flourish. We all have the ability to be fruitful farmers in our lives. If we plant the seeds of our goals in the deepest and healthiest of soils, if we remove the weeds and stones that hamper our growth, if we nourish the growth with care and attention, then we are sure to see the blossoms and reap the fruits we desire.

Harmony, gratitude, and praise as particularly important attitudes to have. Why? All three attitudes acknowledge the presence of something. Why is this creative?

In order to manifest something, you must acknowledge that it exists as an idea. Harmony, gratitude, and praise have great creative power not only because you feel them only about something that exists, but because they bring additional qualities to the manifestation.

For example, let’s look at harmony in your consciousness, you are acknowledging the presence of unity and peaceful interactions, and you bring these qualities into your manifestations. When you express gratitude, you are acknowledging the presence of value. So when you are grateful, you create something of value for yourself. With the attitude of praise in your consciousness, you are acknowledging the presence of beauty. You don’t praise something that’s ugly, do you? So praise brings beauty into your manifestations.

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