You and the Life Force are one

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


Are your goals simply empty wishes? Fleeting desires that quickly come and quickly go? Have you failed to take your goals seriously enough to make a plan or implement a strategy to fulfill them? If so, your goals are like these seeds that fell randomly by the wayside where the birds of distraction, neglect, and carelessness devoured them. Achieving goals requires a high quality of energy and commitment. You must make a plan and implement a strategy!

The seeds fell among stones and sprouted shallow roots, this similar to allowing only shallow emotions to motivate or feed your goals. We usually begin working toward our goals with positive attitudes and the best of intentions. But if we haven’t examined our goals and are being driven only by negative attitudes such as pride, guilt, depression, anger, or jealousy then our soil is shallow. When the hot sun of adversity rises to challenge you with difficulties, this kind of energy will dry up and won’t sustain you. Losing steam, you will find yourself turned away from your goal.

The seeds fell among thorns, this is like your goals being choked and killed by a poor environment, or negative thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. When you are working toward new goals, you must be aware that your customary environment and the persons close to you may not be supportive of the changes you’re making. Certain acquaintances may fear your changes will harm their relationship with you, and they may, consciously or unconsciously, try to hold you back. You may find that your environment contains elements that work against your achievement. If you need to go to school to learn a new skill, will you have a quiet place conducive to studying? When you undertake a new challenge, give yourself the best environment you can, one which will be the least inclined to choke your efforts.

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