Detach from turbulent emotions

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

If you are striving to redefine yourself by identifying with the peaceful consciousness of your Silent Master consciousness, you will need to detach from your turbulent emotions. Notice I did not say don’t have turbulent emotions. I said detach from them. The way to eliminate turbulence from your consciousness is not to pretend it doesn’t exist. Instead, you detach from it. When you feel it, you don’t get into the feeling and run with it like a rider on a wild horse.

You see the feeling come into your consciousness, you even feel it, but you don’t act on it. You consciously know that the emotion will pass through, leaving you unharmed if you refuse to interact with it. And you hold this idea so strongly that its energy actually cancels the emotion. Eventually, as you are in touch with more of your Silent Master consciousness, your energy will “burn up” these emotions as they enter your field so that you don’t feel them at all.

For instance, let’s say you feel angry when you find out someone has cheated you. If cheating has occurred, your idea of honesty can prevail to make this wrong situation right in some way. Your job is to take calm, appropriate action to correct the situation. Any anger that you would be tempted to feel as all this is going on is of no value and no use. So you let it pass through you without acting on it. The only actions you take are those you are inspired to take as a result of focusing your energy on honesty rather than dishonesty.

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