House Burning for a Reason

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Here we see how the fisherman, through a traumatic event, completely let go of the past in order to discover his true self again. He had “lost” himself long ago emotionally and mentally. And now he was experiencing the picture of that state of mind: he was “lost” at sea, floating around in the blackness. But the storm was a blessing in disguise. It was the thing that brought him back to life! Not sunshine, but rather a storm did this. Was it a trauma? Yes. But instead of giving up and drowning, he made this an opportunity to remember his true self. As a result, the only thing that drowned in the dark ocean was his misery and anger.

The family likewise experienced pain and despair. The burning house could have resulted in simply a destroyed home. Instead, the house was burning for a reason! The flames were the light of life to the fisherman. They brought him home again. So in spite of the negative appearance of this seeming disaster, in reality everything worked together for good to bring love and healing. The negative situation turned into a positive one.

Here’s something important to remember: This story ended in love and reunion instead of tragedy because the fisherman took action. Negatives don’t automatically turn into positives. The house could have burned down for nothing. The fisherman could have died for nothing. If he had continued with his anger and defeatism and despair, he wouldn’t have looked around to see the tiny flicker of light, and would surely have drowned. (When we look only at the dirt on the ground, we don’t see the stars in the sky!) But instead, the fisherman changed his attitude, became open and receptive to a new state of mind. He felt remorse for the first time! And this action led to his perception of the light that saved his life.

Likewise, Love is behind all the events, even the obstacles in your life, and you can hold the right ideas as the fisherman did so that everything works together ultimately for good. Cling to the truth no matter what you see happening, and the truth you hold will transform your experience.

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