House Burning for a Reason, continued

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

But where was the coast? He couldn’t see in the darkness, so he couldn’t tell which direction to swim. Tired and cold, he was ready to give up hope, but suddenly off in the distance he saw a faint glimmer. Yes, it was there, a small light off to his side. He started swimming towards this light. Stroke after stroke, he began to plan how he was going to change things, how he was going to be the husband and father he’d never been. For hours the light guided him, until finally he began to see his fishing village in the distance. The light was bringing him home, so he pushed himself even harder.

Just as he was reaching the shore, he suddenly had a fear that maybe his family had been hurt or lost. But then he heard voices calling and saw his children rushing into the ocean towards him. They all wept as they embraced, and together they walked towards the house.

As the wife saw her husband approaching with the children she was relieved, but she began to cry as she thought of how he would beat her when he saw the burned house. She saw his smiling face coming towards her, but she cowered, dreading the encounter. When he came near she timidly backed away, but to her surprise he reached out and embraced her warmly. She stammered as she tried to find words to tell him what happened, but he wouldn’t listen. As he held her tightly, he wanted only to tell her that the burning house had saved his life. “The flames shown through the darkness where I was lost at sea,” he said lovingly, “and they guided me home! Now I have the chance I prayed for to be the husband you want and the father my children need.”


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