Be Willing to Turn Negatives into Positives

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

2. Be Willing to Turn Negatives into Positives.

Many of us come from backgrounds where there was trauma or abuse. For example, one woman talked to me about being Raped Five Years Ago. The incident was still causing much fear and depression, and she couldn’t get over it. This was a big obstacle in her life because it was keeping her from knowing and experiencing any happiness. I told her that the rapist had probably long ago forgotten about the incident, but she was continuing to be raped over and over for five long years! Is that fair? Yet only she could do something about this injustice by disciplining her own mind.

Others talk to me about growing up in foster homes or living with an abusive alcoholic parent. But in all these examples, the negative situations or the traumas are over and gone! I am sorry that they happened, and so are you. And so is anyone who knows it was wrong. But now is the time to use these situations as fertilizer to create new situations and new growth! Even though you didn’t have the power and control to stop the situation at the time it was happening, you have the power and control now to do something about it, to build something constructive on top of that event.

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