Are You Where You Want To Be?

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Let’s talk about your re-identification in five different areas.

1. Develop a stance of being the Silent Master consciousness, not becoming it.

There is an important distinction between being and becoming. Remember, I said only the present moment, and not the future exists in reality; therefore, the present moment is the only creative place for you to act. If you take a stance of becoming, you are placing your growth in the future, which is a time that never comes. If you take the chance of being, place the truth of your being as here, right now in the present. You are now all that you ever can be.

All your strength, purity, will, potential, ability, is available now for your discovery and use.

As you stay in the now moment, refusing to allow emotions based on the future or past to color your consciousness, you’ll know and sense every moment what is good, real, and right. These perceptions will cause you to take right action, and to be in the right place at the right time to bring about your optimum good.

You do not have to intellectually know what to do every moment, because the truth of your being already is. Since your Silent Master consciousness knows the best course for you to take, when you act, you’re not creating something out of nothing. Creating means to allow what already is in your consciousness to be.  My job is not to tell you which ideas to bring forth. My role is to tell you that your truth already is within you, and that you are responsible for bringing it forth.

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