Take Time to Nourish Yourself

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

But imagine now that the nut refuses to be used by something else. Imagine that it chooses instead to fulfill itself, to pursue the path of Self Discovery. Instead of being food, it gives itself food. It gives itself soil, and water, and sun, and time and what happens? That limited confining shell cracks and a tree grows. It develops into a growing thriving life form with far more potential than it had as a simple nut.

Nourish Yourself

I am encouraging you to do the same: Give yourself nourishment so that you may grow into a life form expressing far more of your potential. If you are not where you want to be, stop identifying yourself with the limited personality you have, and re identify yourself with your unlimited Silent Master consciousness.

Since you have spent a lot of time acquiring many elements in your life, part of the life examination process is to examine what to keep and what to eliminate. Many material objects in your life are literally symbols of an undesirable past, or reminders of a situation you’re trying to overcome.

Let Go of the Past

One thing you can do to start overcoming the past is to eliminate the objects of the past from your environment. For instance, if you desire a life without drugs, is it wise to keep the objects involved in drug use in your home? If you are overcoming a problem with alcohol, should you keep liquors in your home? Are you keeping certain photographs, clothes, and pieces of furniture that are constant reminders of an undesirable relationship you’re trying to dissolve? Keeping objects of the past in your present environment encourages you to keep identifying with the “you” of the past. This stands in the way of redefining yourself for a new life.

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