Are You Where You Want To Be?

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

The way that you answer this question gives you very important clues as to your true direction in this life. Your Silent Master consciousness speaks to you powerfully through your true desires. Of course I’m not talking about destructive or distorted desires like obsessive smoking and drinking. The desires you feel through the exercise above are most likely your true desires and you have them for a reason. They tell you much about who you are as a unique individual and your unique role to play here on earth. Your desires will never be exactly like anybody else’s.

Have you created a life that allows you to experience your own truths? Or have you created a life that has taken you so far from your inner truth that only during your last five days on earth will you allow yourself to experience what you love? If you find you are living here without enjoyment, without realizing your personal truth, then you have a right to change! This is what Self Discovery is all about. You are supposed to fulfill your true desires, not just think about them. As you find your true self, automatically you find your true place, your true activities and your true fulfillment.

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