The Only Time There Is, Is Now

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

“Someday” is never going to come. As we discussed last chapter, the only time there is, is now. When “someday” comes it will be now. So what you think and do right now is what will happen on the mythical “someday.”

Unfortunately, death seems so mysterious, baffling, horrible, final and so many other terrible unthinkable things that we don’t want to consider it in our daily lives. But we must have the courage to look squarely at the limited time frame death gives us, and act accordingly. You don’t know when death will come. The “someday” you wait for may never come, simply because you won’t be here to experience it!

Of course, as we discussed last chapter, in reality, what is really you will never die. Your Silent Master consciousness is eternal; only your manifestations – including your present body and life – come and go from your consciousness. So we’re talking now about the death of your physical manifestation, and not of your eternal true self.

Death Is Part of Birth

The mystery surrounding the time of our exit from this life helps us concentrate on living instead of dying; but nevertheless, we must remain aware that since we have a limited time span we need to reach for our goals now. We must always live now to the fullest because that is the only time we have.

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