Life Examination

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

“Have you ever noticed how a beautiful rainbow exists in the air, as if it’s really there? But if you try to go to it or touch it, it moves away from you. That’s how it is when we pursue material things ignorantly. This kind of pursuit never brings satisfaction. Just when you grasp something or get something, you then want something else, and still something else. As long as you believe happiness is outside of you, it will keep moving away from you. But when you pursue material goals knowing that you’re really discovering that Love within you, you can keep the Love that you find within you forever. Your material accomplishments are not unworthy, but exist for the purpose of showing you the Love you already possess. By giving this love, and sharing it, you bring good to others as well as yourself.

In this stage of Self Discovery, which I call – life examination – we will look at your priorities. Are your current priorities leading you to Love that fills your life with peace and satisfaction? Or are you giving priority to things that keep you limited and unhappy?

You now have to take a hard and penetrating look at who you are and where you are. You then will be better able to define where you want to go. How close or how far are you from realizing the kind of life you desire to have? What have you gained over the years? What have you lost? What’s in the way of being happy? What do you think you need? What do you need to eliminate? Are you moving in the best possible direction?”

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