Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:



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You and the Life Force Are One

Your Silent Master Consciousness was born out of the infinite Life Force creating and animating the Universe. You exist as a part of the Universe; therefore, It is the Life Force creating and animating you. It is the power that beats your heart. Because you are this Consciousness, whatever qualities the Life Force possesses, you possess also.



As I mentioned in Chapter One, the purpose of Self Discovery is to discover freedom, to live free! In Chapters Two and Three we discussed some of the things you need to do to get ready for Self Discovery and to commit your energy to the process. Now we look at the importance of closely examining the elements of your present life in order to create a new and better one, one designed to bring your greater freedom and happiness. This is the third stage of Self Discovery: life examination. It is an essential part of the Self Discovery process, and like readiness and energizing, it is a part of a process that really needs to be done every day, not just one time.

And why are we doing it at all? Because we want freedom! We want to be the original person we were born to be. And this means we must look at all the ways we may have strayed from our original self. How else can we get back on track?

As we begin to discover our original self and our original freedom, we will discover the heart of freedom: Love.

When you discover your true Self and the freedom of your true Self, you are discovering Love. Life without all the feelings and forms of Love isn’t true life at all. Life without Love, no matter how full of material objects, is empty.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that many persons familiar to us in the media, famous musicians and actors, for example, often have enormous material success, yet sometimes end up in tragic circumstances, defeated by unhappiness, despair, loneliness, or suicide. Many times the picture we’ve had of them is that they had everything. But clearly they didn’t. Their lives tell us that where there is no love, there is emptiness, loss of freedom, and loss of life.”

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