Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


Right now, my Silent Master is the energy behind everything I experience. My Silent Master is Love, and everywhere I look, I see the opportunity to discover the presence of love. My Silent Master is Truth, so everywhere I go, I can put my truth in action creating harmony and peace. My Silent Master is Purity, so everywhere I stand, I can let my light dispel darkness. My Silent Master is Patience, so everywhere I interact, I can express my willingness to wait for my Love to harmonize and heal. I love who I am, and who I am reflects back to me in every person, every place, every action I perceive. Love and the ideas of Love are real and eternal. My Love can conquer all that is not real, just as light conquers darkness.”

The key here is that we need to love who we are.  With love, we can work on conquering our weaknesses and work on being more accepting of others.  When I’m loving myself, I see the world around me with eyes different than when I’m upset or stressed out.  I’m the only one that can take charge of how I feel.

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