Protect Your Energy

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

“This story shows what I mean about your high energy being drained away if you don’t consciously prevent it. You must avoid being overconfident when you start to make progress in increasing your energy in order to prevent setbacks. Self confidence is an important part of expressing your energy positively and constructively, but you must never be so confident that you let down your guard unwisely. This student relaxed his state of mind because he wasn’t aware of how fast energy can be brought down without a lot of guarding this caused him to sink to a lower state. He learned a great lesson from this experience, and realized he had more work to do in protecting a pure state of mind.

As you go down the path of true Self Discovery, your own Silent Master consciousness will give you direction on where to direct your energy and how to purify it. You will find yourself leaning naturally towards certain kinds of food, desiring certain types of exercise, and inclining towards specific activities. These desires will feel quite compelling sometimes, a feeling that you positively must do a particular thing. But you will also have a feeling of peace and harmony about the direction you take.

Be willing to change direction at any time to respond to the guidance of the Love energy within you. This listening will be an important aspect of the life examination process, which we discuss in the next chapter.”

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