Be Aware of Negativity

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

“How do you keep your love in a negative environment? You let yourself be aware of the negativity, because ignoring it would be a form of acceptance and you might be drained. You then refuse to react emotionally to it because you would then add your own energy to it. Simply focus on your positive state, affirming that the reality of your mental state has the power to cancel or transform a lower negative state. This is all done quietly within the environment of your consciousness. Your presence does all the work. Why? Because your presence is the positive field created by the love you hold in your consciousness.

One person in a true loving state of mind can walk into a room full of angry people and create calm within a matter of minutes. You, then, are the creator of harmony or disharmony in your relationships according to how you supervise your own consciousness.

Your Environment is a Picture of Your Self-Concept

People tend to seek out environments where there is energy similar to their own. People who gather together and stay together tend to have the same kind of energy level.

You’ve probably noticed that groups give approval to the individual members of the group, and this encourages the members to stay on that energy level. For instance, if you’re in a group that likes to gossip about others, you will be accepted and supported if you join in. This is the wrong use of group approval. Of course, sometimes groups can exert pressure for good causes. The point is, you want to choose what group you will or won’t belong to so you stay in control of your energy. You don’t want to be a victim of group pressure.”

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