Demand More Physical Action from Yourself

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Even if you are not a “physical” person – especially if you are not a physical person – try demanding more physical action from yourself. Let this demand send a message to your mind that you want to be more free and more unlimited, whether that means getting some kind of healing, or gaining more stamina, or simply expanding your concept of yourself.

When you push yourself physically, and make demands on yourself for greater physical freedom, you can’t help but grow spiritually. You are insisting that the freedom of your original self manifest physically and materially. This is why physical training is an important part of the Jung SuWon training I teach. By disciplining the body into accepting more power and ability to perform, your mind responds with more power and ability to perform. This is energizing. The more limitation you overcome, the more of your natural energy you can experience.

Any kind of physical training you undertake will help to develop your own physical freedom. It doesn’t have to be a martial art. As part of your spiritual journey, then, allow a physical discipline to become part of your life. Body and mind are one; as you develop one, you develop the other. Of course, not everyone’s physical capabilities are the same. Ballet training may be right for one person, but the physical aspect of gardening may be a better choice and challenge for another.

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