Develop Better Mental Concepts

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Let your body help you develop better mental concepts. Since your body is connected to consciousness, watch your physical states and see what they may be telling you about your thinking. Your body shows you – in one way or another – the state of your mentality.  Depressed people slouch and shuffle.  Happy people have a bounce and lightness in their step. When your body is acting tired and sluggish and you know you’re healthy and have had plenty of rest, what is your body telling you?  What is it you don’t want to do? What are you “too tired” to confront or overcome? What are you “sick and tired” of?

Your health also mirrors the quality of your mental state. Just as a small example, have you noticed that colds have the same symptoms as crying?  When you’re chronically depressed, your immune system doesn’t function as well in protecting you from viruses.  Isn’t it true that the sniffles, the watering eyes, the hoarse voice, the tight, painful chest and draggy body are just what you do when you’re sad, and you hurt, and you cry.  So when you have a cold, see if there is actually some emotional pain you haven’t confronted behind the depressed immune system.  You may be surprised how much faster the cold dissipates when you deal with the mental pain and your immune system snaps back.

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