We Have Become Separated from Our True Self

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

In somewhat the same way as these two neighborhoods, we have become separated from our true Self, our Silent Master. We forget how and why we became so separated. In this story, this is symbolized by the well drying up. Sooner or later, however, some event usually turns us back to our Silent Master. Maybe it’s some kind of illness or failure that makes us seek our Silent Master again, or maybe it’s a natural desire to simply know our real Self. Whatever the reason, when we seek to find our real Self, we may be filled with doubt and guilt, and we might feel undeserving or afraid to turn within for healing. But if we do, our Silent Master greets us with healing and love, just as the elders of the opposing neighborhood, not with rejection. And just as the two groups prospered greatly when they worked together, you can prosper with renewed power and strength when you join forces with your Silent Master. As the Silent Master image at the start of this chapter indicates, the immaterial aspect of yourself, your spiritual being, is intimately involved in the life you create, because matter and spirit exist at the same time.

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