Shower Meditation

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Imagine that you’re on a tropical island, and that your shower is actually a rushing waterfall surrounded by beautiful tropical flowers and birds. Gentle winds are blowing a clear blue sky shows above. The falling water is clean, clear, sparkling with energy. As you stand there, the water flowing down on your body, you feel yourself open to receive the fresh, new energy in the water. Using your soap, you feel the falling water wash away your anxiety, your tension, your worries, your regrets, your frustrations. You feel the cleansing action washing away everything that clouds you or hurts you or limits you. You feel yourself becoming more and more free, more relaxed, more happy, more peaceful the soap and sparkling water are washing away all your negativity. Let yourself believe the water and soap actually can do that for you. When the water goes down the drain, let yourself imagine that the ill will, the hostility, the resentment, the anger, the stubbornness, the laziness, the jealousy, whatever, goes well away from you forever.

Do the same thing when you brush your teeth. As you rinse your mouth, let the water wash away the harsh words, the mistaken words, the words you may regret. When you wash your hair, let the shampoo wash away all the feelings and attitudes you’ve taken on which don’t come from your true self, and cleanse all the actions you took that are now “on your head.” What do you want to get “out of your hair?” As you dry yourself with the towel, think of your body and mind as now being new. This clean, new body is like a new sun rising on a new day. Yesterday is washed away.

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