Story of the old man and the baby, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

She placed the baby in the old man’s lap and went after the others who were hurrying away. Inside, her heart beat terribly for the child, but she kept going. Others in the group wondered why she was just leaving her baby there to die. What kind of mother was she? But still, they all kept moving.
Meanwhile, the old man held the baby, the sound of the enemy drawing nearer. His heart was filled with weariness and despair, yet he was stirred by the baby moving and mumbling next to him. His life had been full and long, with much pain and happiness, and he just felt too tired to go on. But beside him was a little baby that had many years ahead of it and so much to live for.

He could not just lie there and take that away from the child. Strength and new energy then flowed into his veins. He picked up the child and ran as best he could to catch up to the others.

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