Freedom that makes life worth living, not avoiding, not hiding from, not faking!

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:



As part of my Jung SuWon teaching, I hold Self Discovery Weekends where people explore and express themselves through many different energizing activities. The purpose of these weekends is to give people an opportunity to open up, to love themselves in a more expansive way, and most importantly, to discover more of their true Self. Most of each weekend is spent outdoors in beautiful, remote areas of nature.

I remember that during of these one weekends, while everyone was seated in a circle after completing some breathing exercises, a large butterfly flew into the circle and alighted on my arm.

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This charming and fascinating visitor seemed to have a mission. I invited him to step on my hand, and he did so without making any gesture to leave. He stretched his beautiful wings and waved them gently at everyone who came close to look. Even when I stood up and moved around, he still didn’t fly away.

Like the butterfly, we had a mission as well. We were gathered together on this day for the purpose of true Self Discovery. It seemed as though this little visitor came to say, “Look at me if you want to know about self discovery.” Perhaps his mission was to remind us of the powerful symbol nature gives us when a lowly drab caterpillar transforms itself into a multicolored winged being. No longer bound to crawl upon the earth, an altogether different creature flies to the air in freedom!

Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes
The transformation into a butterfly

But imagine if some terrible spell were to make the caterpillar forget his destiny, or forget who he really is. Imagine that the caterpillar never took steps to make the transformation possible. Imagine that he never ate the proper leaves, nor spun the cocoon. Perhaps he spent the rest of his life simply crawling around and avoiding his enemies finally dying of starvation or old age. What a loss this would be! We would only hope that something, somewhere, sometime would make the caterpillar remember his true identity and fulfill his true destiny.

 Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

In the same way, you have the potential to transform a life that is drab, unhappy, limited, or without fulfillment into one that brings the freedom of a butterfly! I call this Self Discovery. But Self Discovery is really self rediscovery. You already possess a powerful, pure, and radiant consciousness, which I call the Silent Master. The rediscovery of this aspect of yourself can bring you the freedom that makes life worth living, not avoiding, not hiding from, not faking.”

  The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within

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