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“Martial arts training cultivates a respect for and an acknowledging of the symbols of reality. In the dojang (the Korean word for “training hall”) you will find attention given to symbols such as the uniform, the flags, and gestures of courtesy and respect; all are symbols of deep significance.

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The Korean term for Uniform is dobok. Do means “way of life,” and bok means “a spiritual protector or shield against the elements.” Thus, the wearing of your uniform has great symbolic value. When you wear it, you also “wear” your commitment to follow the spiritual path leading to your Silent Master. Your commitment is assuredly your protection against the elements. The belt wrapped around your waist symbolizes the unity of spirit you share with others on the path, and its color proudly proclaims your level of achievement. When you honor your uniform, you honor your real self.”

 Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes


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