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Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

Second, the saying means that the spiritual principles of Jung SuWon are practical. When you use the principles, practice them, and apply them to the physical training, you discover that these principles are the foundation for your physical power. So, Jung SuWon is not just theoretical. It is to help you do whatever you need to do. “He can do, she can do, why not me?” And you can apply the principles to any situation in your life, not only in the school where you practice the physical martial art.

 Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

So, the foundation for your physical doing in Jung SuWon is the mental and spiritual training. Your physical strength is only as good as your mental strength. Powerful kicks and punches are worthless unless they are properly directed at an appropriate target, with the necessary mental focus. But all the physical strength in the world will not help if your mind is full of fear. Therefore, you must conquer fear and weakness within yourself before you can conquer a foe outside yourself. This is the purpose and essence of the Jung SuWon spiritual principles: to give you practical tools to free yourself from limiting, self defeating states of mind. And it works!

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