Patience is the last step in this creative process

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:




 Let’s assume you have a goal. You’ve acted with your body and mind as one, you have expressed truth, purity, love, loyalty, and you’ve sacrificed all mental and physical obstacles. Yet, the goal has yet to be realized. What’s left?

 Patience is the last step in this creative process. It is here that some impatient people may allow all their hard work to backslide.

 One of nature’s most beautiful symbols of patience is the transformation—the metamorphosis—of the caterpillar into a butterfly, when the outward picture of the caterpillar’s “beingness” changes drastically from one form to another. Perhaps you have a situation that needs just such a radical transformation. If you desire to make a change as great as this, consider how the quality of patience is essential.

 For a certain period, the caterpillar ingests food to enable it to grow to a certain point. This is a distinct period of time that cannot be rushed. When that point is reached, it then forms a cocoon in which it must wait for another period of time. A transformation occurs in the quiet cocoon that cannot be rushed or disturbed. Then at last, at the appointed time, a butterfly emerges, a different creature altogether from the caterpillar, who then reproduces so that the cycle begins all over again.

 As the caterpillar goes through this transformation, there is something like trust going on, isn’t there? Patience and trust. The laws of nature that enforce the caterpillar’s miraculous transformation are absolute. All that’s required in cooperating with the law is patience and trust.

 The laws of manifestation that govern our being are just as absolute. We likewise must have the patience and trust to let them work.

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