Your body is the living temple of your consciousness

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


 “Your body is the living temple of your consciousness. As a manifestation of your Silent Master Consciousness, your body is a holy place and deserving of your utmost love, care, and respect. Your body is meant to be well and whole and to beautifully carry out the instructions of your mind like a faithful servant.

Your body and mind, then, are designed to act as one at all times. This may take much focus, determination, and concentration on your part. For instance, you may set a goal of winning a marathon race. Your mind says, “This is an important priority; I want to win; I want to use all my spare time building up my speed and endurance by practicing every day.” If you nevertheless insist on partying often to late hours, eating improperly, skipping workouts “just this one time,” accepting frivolous invitations instead of turning them down, and on and on, is your body at one with your mind? How likely are you to succeed under these circumstances? Clearly, if this race is a priority, if you truly want to win, you will have to take control of your body and make all your physical activity conform to your goal. Body and mind as one!”

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