Body and Mind as One

In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“In reality, you don’t think about your body. Your thinking is your body. But, if you insist on regarding your body as separate from your mind, this belief will take form as your body being outside your control. Your belief of separateness will cause your body to seemingly have a separate “mind” of its own, and then it can say things like “I am ill; I am too weak to do this or that; I can’t; I won’t…” and so on. This mistaken belief of a separate mind and body does not change reality, but it certainly denies it and you lose your power.

To claim your unity with your Silent Master Consciousness, you must know that your mind and body are one. Your mind and body are different aspects, different manifestations, different “frequencies” of the same Life Force. Knowing this, you can take charge of your body and cause it to do and be what you need.

Because your body and mind are one, they are in intimate communication with each other. You can look at your body and gain insight into the quality of your thinking; and you can look at your thinking to determine how to shape and direct your body. Doesn’t a healthy tree produce healthy fruit? Just so, when your thoughts are healthy, your body reflects this condition. Conversely, when you’re ill, it may be helpful to examine your state of mind or the state of your beliefs to locate the cause of your illness.”


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