Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


 “Next, however, just as you discipline your mind (your mental and spiritual thinking), you must discipline your body (your physical action) to conform to your mental objectives. Your bodily actions must be at one with your mental efforts.

Remember how we discussed that holding negative visual images opposed to your positive visual images is like digging a hole and filling it at the same time? It’s a counterproductive process to say the least. In the same way, if your physical actions don’t support your mental objectives, you sabotage your efforts. Conversely, you increase your momentum when all your physical actions support your goals.

As the Silent Master Image tells us, your body is your mind; that is, your body is a material picture of concepts in your mind.

Therefore your body will have a natural propensity to conform to your thinking. You will have a natural inclination to take physical actions that are in accord with your thinking.”

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