visible manifestations follow the ideas and images

In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“I used this example to show that most of your negative statements are exactly like this.  I am not financially stable; I am not happy; I am not healthy means that you know the ideas of financial stability, happiness, and health.  So if they have not taken visible, tangible form, you may not have used your power of visualization to support their manifestation.

Let’s go back to this person who says “I am not comfortable.”  She sees herself working at a job she dislikes for which she’s underpaid; she sees herself coming home to an apartment that is much too small, with inadequate furnishings because she can’t afford better; she sees herself going into debt to make ends meet.  If you ask her to start a program of literally imagining herself in a job she wants, living in a spacious apartment or home, and having all the money required, she may become angry and tell you that that’s impractical daydreaming.  “Look at the visible facts.  I have to be realistic.”

To be “realistic,” however, is to know that all visible manifestations follow the ideas and images you hold in your mind.”

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