In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“When you have an intuition, it feels like an impulse to say or do something that suddenly pops into your conscious mind. Generally, an intuition will feel like a right choice and will bring you a sense of serenity or peaceful resolution (even if you may not have wanted to do it). It may feel very vague, as if it’s not really your own thought. But it is. This inner “voice” is actually your inner knowing. It is your Silent Master’s knowing attempting to penetrate your consciousness with Its truth. It does not necessarily speak softly; It only appears to do so because your surface thoughts and emotions noisily clamor for so much attention. Clearly, if you could consistently be aware of these leadings from your Silent Master, you could make the right moves at the right time. How, then, can you develop greater awareness of this supremely intelligent, quiet voice?”


Seven Steps to Inner Power​
The First Element
The Silent Master