Cause of any problem must be identified before we can treat the problem effectively

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“Everything external in life was first internal in thought, so no permanent change can come about merely by attempting to fix or rearrange external conditions. Yet, that’s usually what we try to do. When we see the symptoms of something wrong in our lives, we usually try to get rid of the symptoms instead of getting rid of the mental condition that’s causing the symptoms. Unfortunately, we tend to look only at the surface of most situations. Why? Because searching for the cause of a situation requires more insight than is obvious at first glance; it takes time and effort to search below surface appearances.

For example, a friend who shares my interest in gardening had an expensive plant that was dying. The leaves were turning yellow and dropping, so she spent considerable effort giving it more light, then more shade, then more plant food, then more water, then less water, and on and on. Frustrated, she brought the plant to me. I recognized that the symptoms had nothing to do with any surface problem, but were from bacteria attacking the roots. I had to pull the plant out of the soil to get at the real problem. To her amazement, when I uprooted the plant, cleaned it, and replanted it, the problem disappeared. What I proved to her was that the cause of any problem must be identified before we can treat the problem effectively.”

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