Demonstrating the Law of Manifestation

In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“Demonstrating the Law of Manifestation

Remember this Silent Master Image from the first chapter?


Your Silent Master
Consciousness knows
Itself to be immaterial
in substance, but It also
takes form (manifests)
as your physical body’s
and the material
world around you…

Everything that has taken form in your life – your body, your home, your job, your relationships – began first as an immaterial thought form, which can be a specific visual image or simply a general attitude and feeling. When you look at everything you’ve manifested in your life now, you’re looking at a picture of the quality of your thinking and feeling.

This relationship between your thinking and the world you create is a universal law of manifestation. The proof that it is a law lies in your demonstrating the law. That is, when you begin to see how your controlled thinking creates what you set out to create, you no longer doubt the validity of this law. In fact, even little demonstrations inspire you to greater levels of achievement. Later we’ll talk more specifically about how to create greater good for yourself with your thinking, but in this chapter we are concerned with the preliminary steps that will prepare you to become a consciously creative thinker.”

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