Because you already are one with your Silent Master

In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“But the rewards of becoming new are great.  If you are willing to experience and conquer initial discomfort, you will soon grow accustomed to the brightness and see a whole new world illumined by this light!  And you will remember every step of the way that the obstacles and limitations you attack are destined to fall because they were never a part of your Real Self.

As you change, you will be opening up to new opportunities, new challenges! Does not the small fish that hatches upstream fare great risks in swimming to the much larger ocean where it will grow big and strong? Yet, isn’t this risk preferable to remaining upstream and living a smaller self?

You will see that the Way of the Warrior is to realize who you are in Truth and to demonstrate it. You will see that the work of the Warrior is joyous, that your perseverance is rewarded with increasing faith in your Silent Master and in love for yourself and others, and that your victory is assured! Because you already are one with your Silent Master.”

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The Silent Master