Sometimes newness can be frightening

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Giving, Tae Yun Kim Quote

“The Solution . . .

But you can know yourself! Right now! Your Silent Master is your original self still waiting to be born. You can make the decision to begin replacing the false concepts about yourself with the knowledge of your true being. You can stop being a receiver only, and start being a giver.

You can stop being self destructive, and become a creator. You can be who you want to become. That is why you’re here, living now: to learn, to overcome, to grow into the fullness of your being, to find your power and your purpose, and to live it! The decision to seek your Silent Master means you’re in school again. Now, your life is your classroom. You will use all the obstacles, negatives, and limitations in your life as opportunities to demonstrate your dominion. You and your Silent Master can work together, listen to each other, and grow until you realize you are One.

I call this the Way of the Jung SuWon Warrior. You will have to change, and sometimes newness can be frightening. When your eyes have adjusted to darkness for a long time, and someone suddenly draws the curtain back, does not the bright light of normal daylight cause you discomfort, even pain? Just so, in some ways your limited self may be living in comfortable darkness.”

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