Making Mistakes Is Making Progress

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“Making Mistakes Is Making Progress

Willingness to learn from mistakes is the backbone to everything that can be considered progress. How many mistakes do you think Alexander Graham Bell made in inventing the first telephone that connected one room in his house to another? Now telephone technology is developing that will allow you to see the person you’re speaking with on the other side of the globe. How many mistakes did the engineers make while developing this technology? Who cares? The object is to succeed, not to count your mistakes.

Mistakes are also essential to your progress. The minute you decide to achieve a goal that’s important to you, you will make mistakes. How did we humans get the idea that to be perfect we couldn’t make mistakes? Never making a mistake does not make us perfect. Never repeating a mistake (after we learn from it) is as perfect as we need to be.

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you don’t have to worry about defending or hiding your mistakes. Experience the increased energy that comes from this freedom! Welcome your mistakes into your consciousness as your friends and teachers.”

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