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From the time she was a child, Grandmaster Kim (Dr. Tae Yun Kim) broke with tradition. She became the first female grandmaster in the history of Korean martial arts and later founded a multimillion-dollar high-tech company.
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  • "I was skeptical when I first heard about Dr Kim. What more could I possibly learn? But her compelling message of forgiveness, self discipline and self care has changed my life. This is is not a scam. This is not a religious order. This is a celebration of YOU and a simple but compelling formula for how to change your life to meet your dreams.”
    - Cindy K, Los Angeles


It's Easy

It’s Easy. Don’t throw out what already works for you. Instead, take what you need from the experience and solutions Dr Kim shares with her fans.

It's FUN

It's fun. Dr. Kim's inspiration is about celebrating what makes you so special. You will hear motivational messages intended to celebrate the miracle of you, not tear you down.

It's Healthy

It's healthy. Study after study shows that the practice of emotional authenticity, healthy eating, and physical exercise works in so many ways. You can factor Dr. Kim's weekly inspirations into your practice to help create structure, routine, and a sense of productivity in your daily life.

It's Free!

It's free! Our focus is to get Dr. Kim's message out to as many people as possible! That's why sharing her wisdom in the form of weekly messages is free and accessible to all.
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