Yes, you already have been creating your life. This process is the gift from the Life Force of the Universe to you.

But your creative process has been largely unconscious and therefore undirected, somewhat haphazard, influenced by other persons’ thinking and limited by your restricted awareness of what you think is possible.

The purpose of the third rule of mental conduct is to emphasize how you limit yourself by yourself: You limit your thinking with your thinking. This rule tells you to wake up, open up, expand your expectations, and realize you can achieve and produce whatever you can think.

Does that sound too audacious? Whatever you can think? Yes. What is it that you really want? This is not an invitation to be frivolous in your thinking. If anything, this is a warning to be careful what you think. Why? All thought truly does take form one way or another. There is some truth in the expression, “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.” (by Dr. Tae Yun Kim )

Let’s exaggerate to make a point: How about blue snowflakes falling on pink- and yellow-striped rocks in the middle of a desert? Do you realize that such a scene is possible to create with today’s electronic video technology? Even that thought has a way to take form. All our modern-day technology has developed progressively to reveal greater capabilities for unlimited expression and communication of thought.

Negative energy creates negative manifestations. Hateful thoughts, for instance, create broken relation­ships, wars and weapons, physical diseases of all kinds. Positive energy creates positive manifestations. Loving thoughts create harmonious organizations, cooperative governments, and healings of all kinds of discord. It’s very simple, really.

What may be difficult is to identify and remove the ways of thinking that produce destructive manifesta­tions. But isn’t this why we’re here? To learn to take charge of what we manifest by taking charge of our thinking? Can you see now that you can be your own worst enemy? Why? Because you’re the one who monitors what you think. Who thinks your thoughts better than you? Others can suggest thoughts to you, but you’re the one who accepts or rejects what you entertain in your mind.

Instead, be your own best friend. When you find yourself uncomfortable with your own negative creations and wanting to change your thinking, you are feeling the presence of your Silent Master. Why? Because your discomfort signals that you know something better is possible. Your Silent Master always urges you to grow into greater freedom from limitation of any sort. You may have been willing to accept being poor, being sick, having a job you dislike. Now you know you don’t have to accept anything except your freedom, your gift from the Universe to create whatever you desire.
by Dr. Tae Yun Kim

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