Tae Yun Kim

It was an electrifying couple of days in Santa Clara at the Women of Silicon Valley Conference 2017!  Dr. Tae Yun Kim gave the opening remarks, the closing remarks, the keynote speech and delivered the highest-attended workshop!  Attendees were women in technology positions from the ages of 25 and up, and from what I observed, most of the women I saw were in their late 20’s to mid 30’s.
With all that I've read about millennials being disengaged & lazy (though I haven’t experienced that myself), I wasn't sure how receptive they'd be to Dr Kim's engaging and actionable high energy.  I learned that, as with so many other speaking engagements that I've seen of Dr. Kim's, people are hungry for truth and reality, regardless of labels or stereotypes.  Motivational dialog and how-to's can only go so far.  Speakers need to deliver relevant and personal information that the audience can relate to and connect with on a deeper level.  Audience members need to put down their mobile devices and open their hearts and minds, but it really starts with the speaker being able to reach the audience and giving them a reason to listen.  Dr. Kim really has mastered this art of connection and reaching people.  One attendee later tweeted “Dr. Tae Yun Kim is the Liberace of women’s empowerment.”

Tae Yun Kim

In the workshop, Dr. Kim had a few attendees attempt to break boards, with the focus that the physical board represents a goal or something to overcome.  These were some mighty determined women!  The breaking boards used aren’t the showy kind that break if someone sneezes.  These boards are real wood that demand focus, patience and belief.  A few of the women broke right away, a few struggled.  One woman tried at least 20 times and refused to give up!  The other attendees were supporting and cheered her on until she made it through and broke that board!




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