Dr. Tae Yun Kim, Founder & CEO, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
Women of Silicon Valley 2017 conference
Santa Clara Convention Center, April 19-20

Dr. Tae Yun Kim and Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions were the headline sponsors of the Women of Silicon Valley 2017 conference, April 19-20 at Santa Clara Convention Center.

The conference, created to inspire and connect women working in technology, was dedicated to developing and expanding the future for women in this sector. The two-day event drew hundreds of top executives from major tech companies throughout Silicon Valley and beyond, including attendees from out of state. Google, Yelp, Netflix, Intel, ebay, Amazon, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Dell, Uber, GoDaddy, and OpenTable represented just a few of multiple companies attending the conference.

“Powered by Lighthouse,” the conference kicked-off first thing Wednesday morning with a highly-energetic, emotionally-charged, inspiring keynote address by Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim commanded all eyes and ears to the mainstage as she began to speak, setting the tone for the conference. She challenged the audience, encouraged them, shared her personal stories of struggle and survival, and throughout the address—emphasized the strength, power and importance of being true to self—of being an original.

She ended the first day of the conference with closing remarks recapping points from her morning address, reminding these women of the importance of specifically focusing on what she calls, “future memory,” which is seeing one’s successes, victories and goals achieved in one’s mind, created with crystal clear vision—ahead of time, today.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim opened day-two of the conference in like-fashion with energetic brief morning comments. She then held a one-hour workshop titled, “Uncover the Secrets to Your Life Success from a Ki Energy Master.” The workshop was packed as attendees laughed, shouted and applauded as they learned about concentration of focus. Dr. Kim demonstrated the power of balance and focus by inviting members of the audience to break a solid block of wood with a bare hand, something none had ever done before. There were looks of surprise and empowerment on faces, smiles throughout the room, and an electric enthusiasm felt by everyone there – it was powerful. The one -hour workshop was required to end on the hour, but it inevitably spilled out into the hallway at the end of the hour to continue-on as several women, refusing to quit, tried again and again to break through a wooden block, until, with Dr. Kim’s coaching, each of them did.

Over the course of the conference, Dr. Kim was interviewed by San Jose’s KBAY/KEZR Radio, Santa Clara Weekly, and featured in the San Jose Mercury News.

Those who registered for the conference planned to hear presentations of how various technology companies handle the challenges they face and how companies other than their own are applying new strategies. They did not expect messages in line with Dr. Kim’s opening address and workshop. Conference feedback revealed the thrill and surprise of attendees--who reported how empowered they felt by Dr. Kim’s points of “yes you can,” “never quit” “decide what you want your future to be—and do it,” “be an original,” and “If he can do, she can do, why not me?”

Says Dr. Kim, “It is a fact, that if people choose to, they truly can rise above anything and everything. A great pleasure in life, for me, has been to encourage people that they can succeed, they can rise above their circumstances—they can achieve their dreams.”

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions was showcased at the conference with a double-wide exhibit booth, designed with Dr. Kim’s personal vision of how it should represent the uniqueness and quality of the company. The result was a stunning exhibit with lighted columns, banners, large-high-resolution display monitors, and red carpet. Lighthouse environmental monitoring systems, including some of the newest hardware/software developed were displayed, as well, with top Lighthouse representatives shaking hands, meeting and engaging with attendees.

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