It doesn’t matter where Dr. Tae Yun Kim, Grandmaster, is, be it a Hollywood film festival like the recent 2016 Asian World Film Festival (AWFF), leading conferences for the Silicon Valley Technology company, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, that she founded, or even just walking through the Stanford Shopping Mall – where ever Dr. Kim is, women go crazy when they see Dr. Kim’s shoes. From eyes glued on her feet and shoes as she walks by, women everywhere go out of their way to stop and tell Dr. Kim, “I LOVE your shoes!”

Dr. Tae Yun Kim is much more than just a CEO though, she is also a mentor, author and keynote, motivational speaker, one of the worlds highest ranked Martial Arts Masters, and one of the worlds foremost Ki-Energy Masters.

These particular color block shoes Dr. Kim wears often. In a world of black, brown, nude, white, or other bland, basic shoes, Dr. Kim’s shoes stand out for their bright vibrant purple, yellow, and pink/red colors.

As a Ki-Energy Master Dr. Kim has written about the how the energy of different colors can affect you and how you can use color enhance your life in her book, “The First Element.”

From Dr Tae Yun Kim’s,  “The First Element” :

“Color is a very powerful form of vibrational energy in our environment. We are impacted by color every waking minute in our home, office, supermarket, or any other commercial environment where someone wants to influence us…”


“Yellow is a very favorable vibration for mental or intellectual activity, as it promotes a clear state of mind. That’s why its very helpful for heightening your awareness and alleviating depression, sadness, or any kind of despondency. Our sunlight is essentially yellow. Consider how beneficial sunlight feels when you need clarity or need to cheer up. The yellow vibration, whether in the form of pure light or yellow food, supports good digestion and elimination. When decorating remember that yellow, orange, and red, the warm colors, tend to make a room look smaller, but also perhaps cozier. Intelligence, intuition, optimism, and awareness are positive qualities associated with yellow.”

“The First Element” by Dr Tae Yun Kim.

Purple / Violet

 “Violet is the highest frequency, fastest vibrating color in our visible spectrum. So it is the most soothing, tranquilizing, and cooling color vibration. It stimulates you to experience the calm, peaceful, fluid harmony of your non-material energy states. Violet naturally promotes a meditational frame of mind, and encourages your emotional body to feel the spiritual bliss belonging to higher frequencies of your ki energy. Even more than indigo, it encourages the healing of unbalanced mental conditions in people we are overly nervous or high strung. Idealism, dedication, and artistry are positive qualities associated with violet. “

“The First Element” by Dr Tae Yun Kim.


“Color has already found a therapeutic use in law enforcement and psychiatry. The color pink, for instance, has been found to reduce feelings of hostility and violent behavior. Pink walls or pink clothing are used for certain prisoners or psychiatric patience, as wells as the cool, calming colors of green, blue, and violet.”

“The First Element” by Dr Tae Yun Kim.



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