I am very blessed to have Dr. Tae  Yun Kim, CEO and founder of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, 10th degree Tae Kwon Do Great Grandmaster and founder of the art of  Jung Suwon, author, and life coach, as my mentor! Today I was thinking about how sometimes Dr. Kim has asked students during Jung Suwon class, “Where is Jung Suwon?”

Young students usually smile big, and answer, “The Do Jung!” ...

Or, they answer with Jung Suwon’s address...

Then Great Grandmaster Dr. Kim explains Yes, ok, but ultimately, Jung Suwon is where ever we are!

Why? Because Jung Suwon and everything Dr. Kim teaches inside Jung Suwon is not limited to just ‘martial arts’ or to just class time in the Do Jung. Like the Korean word ‘Do’ in ‘Tae Kwon Do” means “path” or “way of life”, from Dr. Tae Yun Kim I have learned that the essence of Jung Suwon is the spirit and art of living life itself. The mental focus, meditation, stress reduction, and self confidence I have learned in Jung Suwon's do jung absolutely improves every other aspect of my life!

As Dr. Kim has explained, when anyone, anywhere, focuses on, strives for, and practices the principles in Jung Suwon’s Code of Ethics,

Body mind as one,






and Patience –

Jung Suwon is there!

To give a couple examples, Jung suwon is in your school classroom - when you focus and discipline your mind! And Jung Suwon is with you in a park,when you walk and breath meditatively!]

If 'Home' is where the heart is -   'Jung Suwon' is where(ever) our spirit is!



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